Sustainability is core to Lume’s DNA, both to its concept and to its business model. And indeed, preserved flowers are by nature (no pun intended!) more sustainable than their fresh cousins.

But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just our products. See our 5 sustainability pledges:

1. Product: Preserved flowers have a smaller environmental footprint than cut flowers, require less water and produce less waste (because they can last up to a year!)

2. Local Communities: We source our product only from local suppliers in the UK, supporting the communities that we operate in but also minimising our carbon footprint as a result

3. Process: Building local relationships also allows us to influence our suppliers’ processes when we believe their sustainability standards can be improved

4. Packaging: We only use packaging made from 100% recycled or chain of custody certified papers. That packaging is also in itself fully recyclable.

5. Continuos Improvement: Our ambition as we grow our business is to continuously improve our sustainability credentials, and we expect and want our clients to hold us accountable to it.

We are always open to feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement, so if you want to get in touch on the topic of sustainability please reach out to